Review Policy

Please note that while I will look into every request I receive, I will be more selective. I’d like to focus on books I choose in 2017, but will not completely stop accepting review copies. πŸ™‚

I’m not a beta or sensitivity reader. If that’s what you’re looking for, I suggest looking for other bloggers to contact.

If you would like to send me a book to review, please take the following into consideration.

  • I onlyΒ read Young AdultΒ books.
  • I prefer physical copies, but will accept digital if no other format is available. Hardcover or paperback is okay.
  • I won’t read a series out of order. If your book is part of a series, please be willing to either send me the previous books as well ORΒ allow me to obtain and read them on my own.

I will read:

  • fantasy
  • science fiction
  • dystopian
  • contemporary fiction/romance
  • romance
  • historical fiction
  • mythology/fairytale retellings
  • paranormal/supernatural
  • mystery/thriller
  • steampunk

I will not read:

  • horror
  • erotica
  • intense violence
  • intense religion
  • autobiographies/memoirs/etc.
  • non-fiction

If your book fits that criteria, send me an email with your request.

Please include:

  • the title
  • the author
  • if it’s part of a series, and if it is, what installment
  • synopsis
  • anything else you think is important

Please keep in mind that I will politely decline your request if your book doesn’t sound appealing to me. If I accept, I will do my best to read and review your book within a week of receiving it.

Thank you for considering me to review your book! πŸ™‚