New Features on My Blog + How to Make Three Dark Crowns Cupcakes

Over the weekend I had a little makeup shopping spree at the dollar store and discovered Anisha’s amazing blog, Sprinkled Pages. If you’re wondering how in the world those two are even remotely similar, let me explain.

I got 10 eye-shadow palettes in a wide variety of colors. I want to experiment and have fun with them all. Anisha combines books and baking, something I never really thought of. On Saturday afternoon I was thinking, and I came up with two new ideas for my blog:

  1. creating makeup looks based on book covers or significant themes/symbols in a story (eye makeup and lipstick for now, maybe more in the future or potentially outfits)
  2. making sweet treats (particularly cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and maybe macarons) inspired by books, characters, and couples.

I’m sure the bookish makeup has been done by many other people, but I promise I’m not trying to copy anyone. The idea came from my impulse purchases, rather than any specific person/people. I do give full credit to Anisha for the baking idea, though, and again promise not to use any of her ideas. 🙂

So without further ado, here’s my very first bookish recipe!

Three Dark Crowns cupcakes

You’ll need:

  • 1 tub vanilla frosting, ~16 ounces
  • food coloring, standard and neon
  • sugar sprinkles in a variety of colors (the kind that resembles sugar, rather than any shape)

I used a standard white cake box recipe that made a total of two dozen (24) cupcakes. I prefer chocolate, but you can’t dye dark batter… at least not successfully. XD

I combined ingredients as the box instructed, but before putting the batter in the baking trays I separated the batter evenly into two other bowls for a total of three. I wanted to dye my batter three different colors, one for each of the main classes of magic in the book: purple for poisoners, green for naturalists, and orange for elementals. The amount of food coloring you use is up to you, but I used about 25-30 drops for each bowl to get vibrant color.

To get purple batter, I used the purple coloring from the neon package. For green, I combined the one from the standard and that from the neon. As for the orange, I mixed red and yellow from the standard, just like with paint. The food coloring I used is linked above, in the ingredients list.

The box cake I used suggested baking cupcakes for 18-21 minutes at 350° Fahrenheit, or 325° if you aren’t using baking cups. I used cute black and white chevron cups (though that isn’t relevant), so I baked my cupcakes at 350°. The time depends on the brand you use, and also the oven you’re using. Each oven is different, so I would advise starting off with a lower time. It’s easier to bake for a few extra minutes than it is to un-burn (shh, that’s a word) something. 😉

Then you have to let the cupcakes cool, of course, and make sure pets don’t eat or walk on them in the meantime. A challenging task, but necessary.

Next, the fun part: decorating!

I used store-bought vanilla frosting, because, well, I’m kind of lazy and making frosting seems a bit daunting. Maybe I will someday. But anyway, I ended up using about ¾ of the tub, so there should be a bit left for future treats… unless you really like frosting and use it all, which is totally okay.

I had a bit of a fancy moment when I used a piping bag and tip for frosting, but to be honest I found them in the baking aisle at the grocery store. I also made a mess, because “professional” techniques evade me. Point is, frost the cupcakes however you want, and smooth it over with a butter knife or spoon to the best of your abilities when you’re done.

Normally I would’ve tried to separate, dye, and pipe the remainder of the frosting to make designs, but last night when I did this it was late and I didn’t want to put in that sort of effort. I’m sure I’ll make these again and decorate them how I originally planned, but for now I’ll tell you my quick method.

Grab your sugar sprinkles, and a purple cupcake. I used bright and pastel pink to make an oleander flower, a toxic blossom I thought would be appropriate for the poisoners while still being pretty. Using a toothpick to help make the petals more defined is recommended, and then add a pinch of orange or yellow in the center.

Next up, a green cupcake. My original plan was to make a bear, but again, it was late and I was lazy. Instead, I decided to make a set of four paw-prints with claw marks attached to look like a bear’s tracks. It’s relevant, but I can’t say how. To do this, I used a straw and made four small holes in the cupcake, then used black sugar sprinkles to outline and make the claws. It’s a bit of a stretch, but hey, that’s what imaginations are for, right?

And finally, an orange cupcake. This one was definitely the simplest, as all I did was outline the shape of a lightning bolt and fill it in with orange and yellow sugar sprinkles. I chose this because the main elemental loves summoning storms, and I knew attempting clouds or raindrops would look like I just dumped sprinkles everywhere. Also, I didn’t have blue or grey.

And voilà! Three Dark Crowns cupcakes!

I know the decoration here is kind of lacking, but I promise it won’t be like that in all of my posts. Now that I have an idea of what I’m doing, I’ll manage my time better and invest in more baking/decorating supplies.

If you recreate these cupcakes, post them on Instagram or Twitter and tag me! You can use sprinkles, frosting, or both. I’d love to see!

What do you think of the new blog features? Do you have any suggestions for bookish treats or makeup? I have a small list, but I’d love to hear your input! And have you read Three Dark Crowns? Tell me in the comments! 🙂

I’m off to bed, because as per usual I’m writing this later than I should be. 😛 I hope you all have a fabulous day/night! ❤

Until next time…


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