Things I Do When I Could Be Reading // My Reading Routine

You do homework/chores/errands/etc. in record time. You make excuses to read rather than socialize. You have a book you want to finish and an endless stack to choose from when you do. You’re ready to binge-read…

…and then you get a notification on your phone. Maybe Twitter, or Instagram, or the newest mobile game you downloaded. You decide to check it quickly, one thing leads to another, and before you know it half an hour has passed and you haven’t read a sentence.

It happens to all of us. It might not be something we’re proud of, but it happens anyway. Sometimes you make time and lose track of it, and other times that stuff you planned to do quickly isn’t so quick. Whatever the case may be, distractions happen. I know that as well as anyone. So today, I thought I’d share my biggest distractions and also the loose routine I follow when I can actually read. 😛

Post inspired by Erika!

  • School work/projects. I’ve never been one to procrastinate. Normally I’m the one that has the assignment due in two weeks done in two or three days. I always say it’s because I don’t want to worry about it later, and that does make sense. But sometimes I wonder why I cram it all into a few days when I could spread it out a bit more. XD
  • Blogging. The struggle to balance reading and blogging is real. My goal is to post 2-3 times per week on here, but each post takes a good two hours that could also be spent reading. And reading gives me ideas for content; it’s the whole purpose of this blog. There’s a balance somewhere, I just need to find it.
  • Twitter and other social media. I think this is the biggest one, for me and other people. I see a notification of some sort and check it out of curiosity, or decide to see if anything new has been posted. Then all of a sudden, I realize I’m somehow on YouTube and have spent a considerable amount of time on my phone. This also applies, sometimes, to updating my status on Goodreads. I get on my phone to do that, and then end up doing a lot more. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Playing games. I haven’t really played any console games in months, so this is referring more to mobile games. Recently, I’ve been playing Color Switch, Tap Tap Dash, Word Cookies, and a picture crossword I can’t remember the name of. I also love Recolor, a coloring book app that one of my school friends showed me.
  • YouTube. We all know how this works. I’ll be doing something that I can’t also do while reading, and then I’ll get absorbed watching videos about books rather than actually reading one. Random, slightly weird challenge videos are equally entertaining. 😛
  • My bullet journal. My new goal has been to make a spread each day, but the ideas I have are time-consuming and I always want to read. Like with blogging, I need to find a balance. Working in my journal is fun and I like doing it, but most days it gets put off because I’d rather read after a long day of school.
  • Get snacks and something to drink. Usually I only have a bit of chocolate or a handful of mini marshmallows and water while I read, but I make sure to have it nearby nonetheless. I like to get up as little as possible while reading.
  • Light a candle. I haven’t done this much in the past, but I think it would be kind of fun to start doing. I don’t really know why this is appealing to me, to be quite honest. XD
  • Get comfy. I can read in just about any outfit, except a dress or skirt. I’ll get comfy in my favorite chair, a big fluffy green one, and if it’s colder make sure there’s a blanket nearby.
  • Try to lure my cat to my nook. Easier said than done. Cats are stubborn, but they’re also warm and great reading/cuddle buddies when they want to be. Unfortunately my cat Ember tends to only acknowledge my existence if I have a fuzzy blanket out, or if she wants to scratch me. But I try anyway. 🙂
  • Instagram stories. I’m guilty. I admit it. I like to put things on my story for no reason, including reading progress. So I’ll update my story, and then get distracted by other things…
  • Do something with my phone. This is to hopefully prevent other distractions. I either plug it in and sit away from it, or if it doesn’t need to be charged I put it close by but face down. That way I can’t see notifications, but I can easily access it if I need to freak out on Goodreads/Twitter. 😉 (I know some people put their phone on “do not disturb” or turn the volume off, but I worry that the time I do that will be the time something happens/someone needs to contact me for some reason.)
  • Read, finally. I open my book and hope there are no interruptions. 😀
What are some things that distract you from reading? Do you have a reading routine? If you have a cat/cats, do they like to lay with you when you read? I’d love to know! Tell me in the comments! 🙂

I’m off to continue When The Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore, because I’ve realized I need more whimsy in my life. Then I’m going to bed, because I’m surprisingly tired. 😉 I hope you all have a fabulous day/night! What are you reading? ❤

Until next time…


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15 thoughts on “Things I Do When I Could Be Reading // My Reading Routine

  1. Funny that you post this, because right now I’m currently having a book right in front of me, but I’m on my phone doing anything else but reading! It’s something so weird that I do, and it’s funny to see that someone else has the same views on the topic as I do.

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  2. What a cool post, Olivia! I have to admit that I’m one that does procrastinate a lot. (Never adopt that habit.) But school does eat up a ton of my time as well. As much as I loathe the amount of time I spend for it, I can’t imagine not being in school. I’m not ready to be an adult when I graduate; good thing I still have a few more years left, haha. Anyway, your routine! I also like to burn candles and stay comfy when I read. XD


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    1. Thanks Summer! ❤️ Hahah, I don’t think I’ll ever be a procrastinator. I agree! It’s extremely time-consuming but school is helpful in the long run. And yes, it gives you time to prepare for adulting. 😂 I don’t burn candles a lot when I read, but I think I’m going to start doing it more! It’s relaxing and also they smell SO GOOD. 😄

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