My Favorite Diverse Romances in YA

Hi guys! I know I’ve been kind of sporadic with my posting, but I’m going to try to fix that. I’ve had ideas but not the inspiration to sit down and actually write. It’s bothered me, I’m not going to lie. Through it, though, I’ve been telling myself blogging is about quality and enjoyment, not quantity and routine. I mean, they’re nice, but not the point.

Anyway, enough of me. On Tuesday I read this post on Ava’s blog, and was inspired to do my own version of it. Granted, it should’ve gone up on Tuesday because Tuesday was Valentine’s Day. But, oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Before I dive in, I want to say this: my list is in no way copying Ava’s, we just have a few couples in common. Also, I’m fully supportive of characters that aren’t in a relationship, or are aromantic or asexual. I love romance, but I also believe in characters that are 100% strong enough on their own. 😉

Now let’s get into it!

Jesper and Wylan (Six of Crows, Leigh Bardugo)

They’re opposites, but they just click. Also, they’re so, so cute together. I never thought I’d ship a sharpshooter and a flute player, but here I am. I would love to have a short story about the two of them after Crooked Kingdom, maybe with an adopted child. 🙂

(I made myself choose between them and Kaz and Inej, because I was only allowing myself one couple per book/series. It was so HARD to choose.)

Rhy and Alucard (Shades of Magic, V.E. Schwab)

I actually have no idea if these two develop into anything. I’m currently reading and nearly done with A Gathering of Shadows, and I just love the idea of them together. There’s tension for sure, and when you think about it they’re similar. On their own they both have plenty of sass and charisma, but combined… Yes, please. 😀

Nix and Kashmir (The Girl From Everywhere, Heidi Heilig)

Nix is Chinese and Kashmir is Persian. Again, they’re both sassy. I have a thing for the sassiest ones, apparently. There was a lot of potential for them to end up together at the end of the first book, so I’m excited and hopeful they’ll become more in the second/final one! 😉

Simon and Blue (Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, Becky Albertalli)

The only couple here from a fluff book. Maybe it’s because it’s currently 8 pm, but they’re the only gay pairing I can think of from a contemporary that I love. Not only are they both nerds that fit perfectly together, but Blue’s identity is hidden until the end of the story. It’s fun trying to guess who he is through his emails with Simon. 🙂

Mnemba and Kara (Unicorn Tracks, Julia Ember)

Oddly enough, they’re the only lesbian couple I can think of. I honestly don’t think I’ve read many other books that include them, if I’ve read any at all. I love their passion, and the similarities their story has to Tarzan. Also, they fell in love while hunting for and trying to save unicorns. That sounds like a happily ever after if I’ve ever heard of one. If there was ever going to be a sequel to Unicorn Tracks, I’d 100% read it. ❤

Magnus and Alec (The Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare)

If you know me, you knew somehow they would be on this list. I read The Mortal Instruments in either 2014 or early 2015, so they were the first gay couple I read about. Now I’m unashamedly obsessed with them, both in the books and on the TV show. 🙂

Who are some of your favorite diverse couples? Do we have any in common? What books have you read with LGBTQ+/POC/otherwise diverse romances that you’d recommend for me? I’d love to know! Tell me in the comments! 🙂

I’m off to continue reading A Gathering of Shadows and get ready for bed, because once again I’m writing this late. XD I hope you all have a fabulous day/night, and that your Valentine’s Day was wonderful! ❤

Until next time…


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13 thoughts on “My Favorite Diverse Romances in YA

  1. YES Simon and Blue ❤ My the looks of this post you should definitely check out Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, you'd LOVE Simon and Baz's relationship 😀

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  2. Yesss Malec and Simon & Blue!! I’m so excited for Rhy & Alucard. They haven’t met in the point I’m at in the book, but I can tell it’s close. Love the post!

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  3. Magnus and Alec are pretty adorable … but I do need to carry on with that series! I stopped reading book three about halfway through because I just wasn’t in the mood for it. Currently reading Crooked Kingdom and Jesper and Wylan are pretty adorable!

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      1. I am!!! I have about 150 pages left roughly and I am so sad that it’s coming to an end 😦 and I will when I’m in the right mood for it 😀 #problemsofamoodreader 😂😂

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