Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Movie Review

Hi guys! I know this post is coming a bit earlier than usual, given the day, but today I’m not at school. All I’ll say is that I haven’t been feeling well physically or emotionally recently. Everything is okay, but I decided to stay home today.

Anyway, enough of that. On Christmas Eve and again on New Year’s Eve I watched Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. You all probably know that it’s one of my favorite series, so I was excited and nervous for the movie. I think that’s just the universal bookworm reaction to adaptations, honestly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And even though I’ve watched it twice in the past three weeks, the last time being over a week ago, I still haven’t reviewed it. The closest I’ve come is a messy, rambling thread on Twitter from Christmas Eve, and I wouldn’t recommend going to find it. I mean, like I said, that was three weeks ago, and I might like using Twitter, just a little bit. XD

So let’s get to my thoughts!

Warning: contains spoilers for the movie. I don’t advise reading unless you’ve seen it or don’t plan on watching. Continue at your own risk.

I don’t know much about casting, so all I’ll say about that is I think it was done well. Eva Green was an awesome Miss Peregrine and Samuel Jackson did great as Mr. Barron. He was creepy, but that’s the point, so I’m good with it. 😉

As for accuracy, I was surprised. There were a fair amount of things that changed, but the basic story stayed the same. It was a nice blend of knowing what would come and being as surprised as my mom, who has yet to read the book. * The first half set the stage for later events, and the second was absolutely crazy. I loved every minute and I couldn’t look away. (Well, I could, but only did at gross parts.) I had trouble keeping up with my Twitter thread because I was so invested in the movie.

* Don’t worry, she will. My sister and I are huge fans and I’m pretty persuasive, so it will happen. 😛

I could be wrong on this, since I read the book back in March 2016, but the second half is also where it veered away from the events in the book. I was so mad at Jake for leading Barron to the loop, and even though a part of me said it wouldn’t happen I was worried Jake would die right there. I was kind of hoping for an epic fight between Barron and Miss Peregrine, which I think would’ve happened if there wasn’t a blade at Jake’s throat, but that happened later. And can I just say that Barron’s face was priceless when Miss Peregrine a) told him not to order her children around, and essentially to shut up, and b) picked his plan apart before he could say a word? It was very amusing to me. XD

There were a lot of epic and/or hilarious moments in the movie. Here’s a list of my favorites, in no order.

  • Jake’s first visit to the loop, when he has dinner and accidentally sits on Millard. “Polite persons do not take supper in the nude.” Best. Line. Ever. I laughed so hard when I read that, even though it probably isn’t that funny to most people.
  • When Emma, Olive, and Millard come to bring Jake to the loop and Millard starts throwing glasses of alcohol, plates of food, and other things around the pub in the hotel. It was priceless, to be honest.
  • The CGI during the scene where Emma took Jake to the shipwreck. So impressive!
  • This isn’t the most epic thing, but I loved how Claire was running around in a cute pink tutu when she could actually bite someone with her second mouth at any moment, if she wanted. XD
  • Jake’s laughably poor attempts at using Miss Peregrine’s crossbow. In his defense, he probably hasn’t done much shooting, especially not in such intense situations, but it was kind of funny that he was so bad.
  • How Fiona’s peculiarity helped them escape the hollow, just before the loop was destroyed.
  • Miss Peregrine in general is just epic. When she reset the loop and when she killed the hollow without even seeing it were two of the coolest parts.
  • The twins. I don’t think it was ever mentioned in the books what their peculiarity was, but in the fight with the wights they were amazing. I never expected them to be gorgons! That was probably one of the most epic parts in the whole movie.
  • And finally, the hollow fight scene. After a wight and a hollow both got hit / ran into moving vehicles * there was a big fight between them and the peculiar children. At first I had no clue how the latter would win since the hollows are invisible to them, but then came the snowballs and cotton candy. That was just awesome, and really clever! Where the snow and candy stuck, they struck. Easily my favorite part of the movie. 😀
** I wonder if the civilians could see the hollows, or if they were wondering what invisible force just hit their car. I feel bad for them, but that snippet makes me laugh every time.

However, one thing that bothered me was the switch of Emma’s and Olive’s peculiarities. It’s not a huge deal, but I would’ve preferred if it didn’t happen. I didn’t mind making Olive older, though, because her little romance with Enoch was sweet and prevented her from coming between Emma and Jake. 😉

Also, I don’t know if it was only me or if everyone imagined Bronwyn a few years older than she was portrayed, but I didn’t mind her being younger. In my opinion, it made her more epic, because a girl with the body of a 10-year-old was picking up teenage boys, shoving couches, and tossing boulders. XD

Other than the small changes I’ve already mentioned, there was one part I didn’t enjoy as much, and that was the gross scenes. Granted, there were a lot less than I thought there would be and I’m grateful, but what was there seemed a bit unnecessary. In particular, there were a few scenes I had to look away from.

  • When Jake found Abe in the woods. I know it can’t be that bad, but I don’t want to see any person without eyes.
  • The transformation of wights to hollows. It’s a little too grotesque for my tastes.
  • When Miss Peregrine is telling Jake about their world and gets to the scene where hollows like to eat the eyes of their victims. I looked away in time to not see it, but I think it scarred my mom and sister for life. And I’ll never un-hear those sounds, no matter how hard I try. *cringe*
  • Enoch’s peculiarity. I think it’s kind of cool, but it grossed me out to see beating hearts and other organs. *shudder*

Overall, not a lot of stuff I didn’t like. One thing I’m probably happiest about is the way the hollows were done. I thought I’d have to turn away or lift a pillow any time they were on screen, but I didn’t. They were creepy, for sure, but not to the point where I had to look away. It was balanced well and I appreciated it. 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised by the Miss Peregrine’s movie, and I know I’ll probably be watching it a lot throughout this year and the years to come. I would give it 4½ stars, and if a Hollow City movie is made, I’ll be eagerly waiting to see it. 😀

Have you seen this movie? Did you like it? What was your favorite part? If a Hollow City movie was made, would you watch it? I’d love to know! Tell me in the comments! 🙂

I’m off to continue reading Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith and eagerly await the arrival of my packages. 😛 I hope you all have a fabulous day/night! ❤

Until next time…


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