Oblivion – Review

Oblivion by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Book 1.5 in the Lux series
Genre: YA paranormal romance
Pages: 1,005
Format: ebook, owned
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Oblivion has accomplished two things: becoming the longest book I’ve read, and breaking my heart with Lux feels all over again. ❀

the plot

The paperback edition has Obsidian retold from Daemon’s POV, but the ebook edition (what I read) hasΒ Obsidian, Onyx, and Opal. As a huge Lux fangirl, the ebook was definitely the obvious choice. Now, having read the whole series previously, I knew the basic plot and the big twists already, but it was still an enjoyable read. There was a lot included that wasn’t in the series originally, because it happened to Daemon and not Katy. In general, I just loved this book. Daemon is one of my favorite fictional guys, and I loved being in his head. It shed light on the series in a new way: his POV was the polar opposite of Katy’s. Where Katy was the innocent, feisty bookworm, Daemon was the goofy, cocky alien. XD

the characters

I went into this familiar with the cast of characters, curious to see them as Daemon did, and came out loving them even more. πŸ˜€

Daemon, as I’ve mentioned already, is awesome. He knows it and flaunts it, and he’s just one of those characters that can pull it off. He’s one of those characters that you would normally hate because of their attitude, but can’t help loving, like Finnick from The Hunger Games, Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles, or Nikolai from Grisha. He’s one of the strongest Luxen, used to being girls’ crushes, and used to doing what he wants when he wants to. So yes, on the outside, he’s a jerk, but on the inside, he’s basically an overprotective teddy bear. πŸ˜› (He’s also kind of inappropriate, but not in an awkward or uncomfortable way. It’s more of an amusing thing that makes you laugh in disbelief, especially because he has the worst timing.) XD

I loved Katy when reading Lux, and love her more now. She was the same girl I knew already, but also totally different through Daemon’s eyes. She was tougher, more stubborn, but just asΒ done with Daemon’s attitude. πŸ˜‰

It was also interesting to read about the other Luxen and supporting characters. Dee felt like more of an annoying little sibling with good intentions, and Ash, Andrew, and Adam felt like those close friends that you loved like family but got on your nerves a lot. Then there’s Blake, and I’m not sure where to start with him. Daemon saw him as a suspicious newbie and also a threat to his budding relationship with Katy. It was hard for me to watch Katy and Blake get closer knowing what I did, especially through Daemon’s eyes.

the setting

This book took place in a tiny West Virginia town (Petersburg?), just like the original books in the Lux series. Description was average, but I’m perfectly okay with that. I’m pretty sure that this is intended to be read after you finish Lux, and therefore are familiar with where Katy and Daemon live, respectively. πŸ˜‰

the relationships

In this book, readers really get to see Daemon’s older brother instincts kick in. Being in his head, we discover just how far he’d go to keep his family, particularly Dee, safe: he would kill himself before letting his little (twin) sister get hurt. His dedication to protect her hit me in the feels harder than it did in Lux, because we saw it the way Katy did. Now, we were inside his head, and could experience his desperation firsthand. He seems like the kind of brother that might be annoying and overbearing, but means well and really cares. ❀

We also get to see Daemon deny his feelings for Katy before eventually accepting them, and then wanting to be everything good he can be for her and protect her like he does Dee. His denial was amusing, but his acceptance and love that followed were honestly heartwarming. Katy’s pain was Daemon’s, and her happiness was his. It might sound like one of the cheesiest relationships ever, but Jennifer executed it brilliantly. She never had me cringing, only daydreaming. πŸ˜€

Katy and Daemon

(Also, look at this gorgeous fan art I found of them online! *heart eyes emoji*)

the twists

Like I said, I already knew the major plot twists and events, but the things leading up and the repercussions that followed were new because I was reading from a different POV. That might seem like a small detail, but it made the book just as enjoyable as when I read Lux.

I also just want to say that the end of Opal absolutely broke my heart. I won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t read it, but if you have, you’ll know. It was terrible reading from Katy’s POV, but it was completely heart-wrenching from Daemon’s. It didn’t make me cry, but it definitely punched me in the feels. </3


Oblivion was essentially a reread, but there were so many new details and feels that it felt like a book I was reading for the first time. It’s earned a spot on my favorites list, just like the rest of the Lux series, and my only complaint is that there isn’t a way to read Origin and Opposition from Daemon’s POV too. If I could have that, I would be a happy girl. *heart eyes emoji*

my rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Have you read this book? Is it on your TBR? If you have read it, what did you think? I’d love to know! πŸ™‚

I’m off to relax and start my review copy of Schism by Britt Holewinski! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day/night! ❀

Until next time…

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