Never Mind My Thigh Gap – Review

Never Mind My Thigh Gap by Sarah Newton + Bronte Huskinson
Genre: YA contemporary fiction
Pages: 198
Format: e-book, owned


* I was sent a copy of this book by the author’s assistant for an honest review. This in no way affects my opinions.

Never Mind My Thigh Gap was the first book I received for review and I was eager to read it. I enjoyed it, but I did also have a few issues with it.

the plot

It was a mostly unique story. I haven’t read any books about modelling competitions, so it was enjoyable, especially since I’m a diva myself. 😀 However, I did think some of the smaller points weren’t as original and they did bother me while reading — the controlling boyfriend and the jealous best friend have been done before and there wasn’t anything to set them apart from similar characters in other books.

the characters

There were a lot of characters in this book and I had mixed opinions on many of them.

Alice was a great, realistic lead. She was very self-conscious and nervous, although I didn’t mind that. It was a plausible and relatable flaw in her personality. Her hobbies were being on her laptop and eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I thought that was also an accurate portrayal of modern teenagers — I personally am not like that, but I know several who are (and there’s nothing wrong with that). What I didn’t like was how she seemed aimless when she wasn’t around Julian in the first half of the book. It felt like she needed a boy in her life to function and I don’t like that in books in general. She definitely grew out of that in the second half and I was very glad for that, but it was frustrating while it lasted.

Isabelle was also very realistic, and her character was confident, fun, and a loyal friend — initially. After Maddie came along she got more and more distant because she was jealous. Once that happened I couldn’t like her anymore. A true friend would’ve gotten over all of that and been there no matter what. I gained a sliver of respect back for Isabelle when she made up with Alice, but that was it.

I only liked Julian for about the first two chapters, and then he became controlling. I can’t stand controlling boys (in books or real life), and Julian was no exception. He wanted Alice to drop out of the modelling competition because he didn’t like it, and as soon as that came up I completely disregarded how sweet and attractive he was said to be. When Alice didn’t do what he want, he was flat-out cruel. He was a realistic character though (becase unfortunately there are boys like that), so I’ll give him credit for that even if I didn’t like him. 😉

My favorite character was definitely Maddie. She was described as goth, but she only dressed like it. She was sweet, fun, and supportive when Isabelle wasn’t, and her refreshing perspective was amusing. She was a great friend to Alice and Oscar, and I loved that she was so witty and quick to defend them. 😀

I also really liked Oscar. He was really shy and quiet, but beyond that he was fun, goofy, and incredibly sweet. He supported Alice and Maddie and was also quick to go to their aid. His style was different than other boys’ and I liked that because it gave him more depth. 😀 Also, he wore beanies. Beanies are the best.

the setting

This book took place in England. I believe it was London, specifically, but I’m not sure. Either way, it was described really well. What I liked about the descriptions was that they sounded like something a real, typical teenager would say, or at least write. It painted a nice picture in my head, especially during the actual competition in the end, and I loved the images I got for all of the clothes! I was in diva heaven reading that scene. 😛

the relationships

I liked Alice and Isabelle’s friendship while it lasted. It was fun and easygoing, and they felt real to me. The hurt Alice experienced after Isabelle left her seemed accurate to what would really happen, and I felt bad for her at that point. Isabelle was definitely wrong to do something like that, in my opinion.

But the friends Alice made following that were so much better — Maddie, Oscar, James, and Sam. They were everything Alice and Isabelle had quadrupled and even more beyond that. I loved the way Alice was so easily included in their group and how much fun they had together. I would honestly love to have them as my own friends. 😀

Alice and Julian were only a thing for the first couple of chapters, and like I mentioned already, Julian was toast to me after that. The way Alice seemed to pine for him still grated on my nerves and I was proud of her when she finally moved on, because she definitely deserved better.

And Alice definitely got better. I won’t say who exactly because that’s a spoiler for the ending, but I will say they’re adorable. He fits Alice so much better than Julian did, and he understands her in ways Julian didn’t. I loved them together, and that section on them in the very end was really cute. ❤

The only other thing I want to say here is that there’s a gay guy couple in this book and I loved that. Only one of the guys is introduced and he’s a minor character, but he’s a good friend to Alice nonetheless and I was excited for this sliver of romantic diversity. 😀

the twists

There’s only one twist to speak of, in my opinion, and it did take me by surprise. I was glad for it, because otherwise the end would’ve been a bit too predictable. 😉

Normally I’m bothered by a lack of twists in books, but I was okay with it this time because this book isn’t about keeping you on the edge of your seat. It’s about learning to be confident in yourself and your body, and I don’t think that’s really meant to be a wild ride. It was a good story with great lessons tied in, and in this case that’s good enough for me. 🙂


One thing that did bother me in this book was the typos. There were a fair amount of spelling and grammar errors throughout the book, and even though I could still understand the writing, it did get to me.


Never Mind My Thigh Gap was a really good book and there were strong morals intermixed. A few aspects of the plot were overused and some of the characters were unlikable, but nevertheless I thought it was an enjoyable read. 🙂

my rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Have you read this book? Is it on your TBR? If you have read it, what did you think? I’d love to know! 🙂

I’ll be continuing The Iron King by Julie Kagawa next! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Never Mind My Thigh Gap – Review

  1. Ho Olivia,

    Thanks so much for this and your reaction to the characters is exactly what we wanted 🙂 Sorry to here about the typos and spelling – we are looking into this now. This has had about 50 proof reads so we will send it for another 🙂 I wonder if it is the US/UK difference. Thanks for letting us know and thanks for your honest review. Appreciate that.

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