Most Likely To Tag – Bookish Edition

Hi guys! I saw this on Becca and Books and it looked fun, so I’m doing it (even though I wasn’t tagged). 😀

So, like the title says, this is the bookish edition of the “most likely to…” game we all played at some point. XD

It’s really simple. Think of 18 book characters and put their names on separate slips of paper, then choose 3 at a time. Then decide which of those 3 is most likely to do what! 😀

I won’t ramble. Let’s get into it! 🙂 (I’m using Becca’s questions because I don’t feel like coming up with my own, haha)

Round 1

1 // Get arrested

2 // Cry during a movie

3 // Have kids first

Characters: Hermione from Harry Potter, Josie from Anomaly, and Piper from Heroes of Olympus

Piper would cry during a movie, probably while holding Jason’s hand or hugging him. I think Josie would have kids first because Hermione doesn’t until she’s in her thirties. I guess that means Hermione would get arrested, which is totally out of character but really funny to imagine. XD

Round 2

4 // Become a multi-millionaire

5 // Write a bestselling book

6 // Give all their money to charity

Characters: Cress from The Lunar Chronicles, Kaidan from Sweet Evil, and The Darkling from Grisha

Kai could do any of these, but I think writing a book would be a great sort of therapy for him without having to talk to a therapist. I’ll go with that. Cress would probably give all her money to charity. It would only take one ASPCA or UNICEF commercial and she would give just about everything to them, I assume. Which I guess leaves the Darkling to become a multi-millionaire. Maybe by terrorizing people into giving him money? XD

Round 3

7 // Join a cult

8 // Become president

9 // Be a closet nerd

Characters: Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles, Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments & The Infernal Devices, and Zuzana from Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Ooh, this is hard. I think Thorne would be a closet nerd. I can picture him being all cool and flying the Rampion and impressing Cress, then going in his room and watching nerdy movies. XD I think Magnus would become president, because he’s lived long enough to make smart decisions, chill enough to not freak out, and cool enough to be voted for. XD I guess that leaves Zuzana to join a cult, which I could see if it was artsy. XD (I’m using that a lot without trying to, haha oops)

Round 4

10 // Have the most piercings

11 // Get or have a stalker

12 // Open an orphanage

Characters: Simon from Carry On, Leo from Heroes of Olympus, and Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments

Leo would have a stalker. He has a lot of fangirls. XD Sebastian would have the most piercings for sure, which means Simon would open an orphanage. He’d probably ask Baz for help and that would terrify the kids. Then they’d have to have Penelope come calm everyone down. XD

Round 5

13 // Become an actress

14 // Join a gang

15 // Open a bakery

Characters: Rowan from Throne of Glass, Aelin from Throne of Glass, and Akiva from Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Aelin would totally become an actress. She loves dresses and being dramatic. She’d be an epic actress. 😀 Rowan would join a gang, because his cadre (don’t kill me if I got that wrong haha) is slightly like one already. And that leaves Akiva to open a bakery. I can imagine him and Karou baking together then having little spats over how artistic the frosting should be. XD

Round 6

16 // Go Christmas caroling

17 // Go through a goth phase

18 // Murder someone

Characters: Jem from The Infernal Devices, Lysandra from Throne of Glass, and Will from The Infernal Devices

Will would go Christmas caroling for sure. He’s a goofball and dresses well for caroling already. Although he might accidentally scare mundane kids by making the carols about demon pox. XD Lysandra would murder someone because, well, she already has, haha. That leaves Jem to go through a goth phase. I don’t know if he’d do that. Unless it was because he was mourning his parabatai. 💔 (you’re welcome for that)

And that’s it! I tag:

Ashleigh @ A Frolic Through Fiction

Mariana @ fireheartbooks

Georgia @ Books and Other Miracles

Bri @ paperbackbri

Emily @ Emily Talks About Books

to do this if you’d like to. 🙂

So what do you think of my answers? Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to tell me in the comments! 😀

Until next time- Olivia ❤


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