2016 Resolutions!

Hi guys! I wasn’t originally planning to do a resolutions post, but I’ve seen a lot of great ones so here I am. 😀
So, without further rambling (because I’m good at that haha), here are my 2016 resolutions!

2016 resolutions1 // Read 130 books.

I want to read at least half of the books on my TBR this year! It’s currently at about 260. I’m not too worried about meeting this goal, because when I’m not busy with school, reading is my primary pastime. Other than blogging and being with my family, of course. 😉

2 // Not add any more books to my TBR.

Like I said, I have 260 books on my TBR. My goal is to read half of them, but if I’m adding more it will just cover up my progress. This is probably one of my hardest goals, but I think I can manage. 😉

3 // Keep up with and expand my blog.

I want to post and interact with you guys regularly, and make my blog more personal so I can post more! 😀

4 // Keep track of all the books I read in each month.

This will make the monthly wrap-ups I intend to start doing so much easier! 🙂

5 // Make more bookish friends, online and in real life.

I’m always looking for more bookish friends! 😀 I especially need them in real life though, because I don’t know any at the moment.

6 // Keep my grades up.

This is probably a fairly obvious and common goal for students. I stress about grades a lot, so I want to keep them up so I don’t have to. Also, good grades means less work, which in turn means more time to read! XD

7 // Overcome my fear of public speaking.

Last year (hehe) I wrote a post about how I’m terrified of public speaking, and I want to fix that. I might not be able to completely overcome it, but at the very least I want to get it under control. 😉

8 // Improve my physical abilities.

I’m in shape, but I’m not good at basic stretches and exercise. I hope to improve my physical skills so I can at least do said stretches and exercises if I need to (like for gym class).

And that’s it! What are some of your 2016 resolutions? 🙂

Until next time- Olivia ❤

8 thoughts on “2016 Resolutions!

  1. Great post! I can especially relate to the fear of public speaking. I’m pretty sure it won’t go away for a long time. But anyway. Good luck with all of your goals and have a great year ahead!

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  2. I relate with you on having so many books on my TBR, I just see a book and NEED to read it. NEVERTHELESS I also am trying to cut down my list and just READ them all. Good luck!
    -Book Nutt

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