Onyx – Review

Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Book 2 in the Lux series
Genre: YA paranormal romance
Pages: 421 
5/5 stars

onyx review

OH MY GOD. Onyx was absolutely amazing! It was so intense and full of suspense, romance, and action. The plot really developed and so did the characters, and there were so many twists. Some second books are just fillers or bridges between the first book and the third, but Onyx wasn’t. It was even better than Obsidian. 😀

I could probably write a multiple-page paper on all my feelings for this book, so I’ll just touch on a couple main points. XD

Katy went through a lot of development in this book. It was revealed what happened to her after the ending of Obsidian, and she went through a ton of training. She was still avid about reading and blogging, but there’s a lot of distraction from that throughout the story, for various reasons.

Daemon also changed a lot. He was still snarky, cocky, and smug, but he became gentler and sweeter. He also got a lot more defensive and short-tempered. A lot of this was because of Katy, but there were a few twists that also contributed. He was on my favorite fictional guys list after I finished Obsidian, but after finishing Onyx, he moved up considerably. I don’t have a crush on him, but I really like him as a character.

The romance between Katy and Daemon grew significantly. It was unsteady for a while; off and on, then off and on again. But I didn’t think it was annoying. I thought it was realistic because most of the time, couples don’t just spark and have a perfect time together. From what I understand, anyway; I lack personal experience in this field. XD I think this sort of relationship just ended up being sweeter and more rewarding. ❤

And there were a ton of twists. I’m not even kidding. I swear, I was just getting used to the effects of one twist and then BOOM, something else popped up. I didn’t get tired of that as I read. It was really entertaining and it kept me on my feet, which I always love in books. It was so good, I finished it in a day – all 421 pages. 😀

There were two huge betrayals. I had a faint feeling that they were coming, but the way they were executed still completely surprised me. The aftermath of both were significant, and one of them was only a few chapters away from the ending. Needless to say, it led to a minor cliffhanger, which means I need Opal asap.

Like I said, I could go on, but I think anyone who reads this will get the idea so I’m going to stop here. XD

Have you read Onyx, or any part of the Lux series? What did you think? Feel free to let me know! Just don’t include spoilers. 😉

Until next time- Olivia ❤

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