Clockwork Princess — Review

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
Book 3 in the Infernal Devices trilogy
Genre: YA historical fantasy
Pages: 569

clockwork princess review

Clockwork Princess was an amazing book and an epic finale, but it was also loaded with feels. 😍😭

The synopsis on the inside cover had me anxious before I even started reading; for Tessa, for Will, and especially for Jem. I already knew a bunch of stuff would go down; it was the last book after all. But I wasn’t prepared for how right I was.

It was revealed what Tessa really is, what Mortmain’s master plan was, and Tessa’s part in it. There were a lot of twists, and several moments I was completely shocked; when Will was on his journey halfway through and when the group was fighting in Cadair were the two biggest ones.

There was a multitude of adorable and humorous moments to balance out the tragic ones. Tessa with Jem, then Will, then Jem again. Sophie and Gideon, Cecily and Gabriel, Charlotte and Henry. 😍

But then the epilogue happened. It was even more heartbreaking than I imagined, and I was totally not prepared. WHAT WAS THAT?! I can’t believe the series is ending like that. It was a good ending, but it was so devastating. 💔😭

Nonetheless, I did love Clockwork Princess. Only the best books can give you so many feels, and this one certainly accomplished that. I cannot wait for Chain of Gold to come out next year!! And yes, that means TWO Cassandra Clare books will be released. 😍😍

Until next time– Olivia 💖 (my Twitter | my Instagram)

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