Unravel Me — Review

Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi
Book 2 in the Shatter Me series
Genre: YA dystopian
Pages: 461

unravel me review

Unravel Me was even better than Shatter Me. Shatter Me was an amazing book, but I had one problem with it and rated it 4.5/5 stars. I had no issues with Unravel Me; it was a fantastic book and I enjoyed reading it.

I thought Juliette was still a bit emotionally unstable (although I understand why), but also stronger and more confident in herself and her abilities. You can tell because there’s a significantly lower amount of crossed-out words/phrases/sentences. I admired her growth; it was evident but not rushed. Honestly, that applies to all the MCs. Adam and Warner both have secrets/twists revolving around them, and we learn more about them. My problem with them from Shatter Me was resolved, so now there’s really only one possible love interest for Juliette; I’m not sure I’m on board with it yet, but I can figure that out in Ignite Me. 😉

As the story progressed, I liked Warner more and more. Originally I despised him, but now I can partially understand his actions and I feel bad for him. Reading his novella in Unite Me helped with that as much as this did; I think reading from someone else’s perspective almost always makes you feel differently about that character.

There were a few plot twists throughout the book. I was sort of expecting one (with Warner), but the others totally caught me by surprise (both with Adam, and the relationship). By the end, everything had come together and improved the storyline, although it didn’t need improvement in the first place.

Overall, Unravel Me was a very enjoyable and satisfying sequel. I can’t wait to read Ignite Me and see how it all ends, but until then I’ll read the other half of Unite Me; there’s no risk of spoilers now. 😀

Until next time– Olivia 💘 (my Twitter | my Instagram)

12 thoughts on “Unravel Me — Review

  1. Is Shatter Me appropriate for an 11-year-old who has read Divergent, Throne Of Glass and A Court Of Thorns And Roses? X


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