Anna & The French Kiss — Review

Anna & The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
Book 1 in the Anna & The French Kiss series
Genre: YA contemporary romance
Pages: 372

anna review

When I first found out about Bookstagram (a community on Instagram dedicated to books) a few months ago, back when my TBR only consisted of about a dozen books (although now it has 215), there were a few series that had a lot of hype. Stephanie’s Anna & The French Kiss series was one of them. So I found it on Goodreads, added it to my TBR… and didn’t manage to get it until my recent trip to the library roughly two weeks ago. But I got it, I read it, and I loved it. 😍

Anna & The French Kiss was a really great, cute book. It was one of the best contemporary/romance books I’d read in a long time, and the first one that took place in Paris (aka the most romantic city in the world).

It focuses on the girl the book is named for, Anna. She has a handful of annoying and overly-sensitive moments throughout the story (for example, when she fights with Étienne and when she’s dealing with Amanda), but for the most part she’s really sweet and caring. A lot more so than me, for sure. I think I’m a fairly nice person, but I don’t think I’d wait around for Étienne, or be as forgiving towards Bridgette (even though it took a while).

Then there’s Étienne. Charming, friendly Étienne, a French/English/American boy who’s the main (only, really) love interest. One thing I really liked about him was that while he’s described as very attractive, he’s also short, and he embraces it. I think it’s very unique about him, and I’m glad there was something like that to set him apart (I don’t mean guys should be short, just that it’s not common). I also really liked that he got Anna gifts. Not big, elaborate, expensive gifts, but little things; things that meant something to Anna, and that showed he listened, that he remembered, that he cared. ❤️

I think the pacing was excellent. It wasn’t an insta-love, for sure. It took 3/4 of the book, but it wasn’t drawn out or tedious. It seemed to be what a real relationship would be like, and how it would develop over time (though I wouldn’t actually know). There were cute scenes that pushed it forward, and then a tense moment or misunderstanding to push it back. But all of that waiting was worth it (in my opinion) after I read the last couple of chapters, and the ending was absolutely amazing. ❤️

Our foreheads touch. “Yes?”
“Will you please tell me you love me? I’m dying here.” 😍  
This part was so cute!

Overall, I was very pleased with Anna & The French Kiss. I found it highly enjoyable, and super cute. I’ll definitely be picking up Lola & The Boy Next Door next time I go to the library. I just hope it’s as amazing as this one was, and that Anna and Étienne play a part in it. Maybe it could switch between Lola’s and Anna’s POV? I have no idea, but I’m hoping. ❤️ (no spoilers please)

Until next time– Olivia 💕 (Twitter)

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