Olivia Recommends #1

It’s Monday (where I am); start of the week, of getting up early, and of being required to actually do things. I don’t like it and you probably don’t either. So, I thought I’d start a recommendation series, and hopefully brighten your Monday. πŸ˜€

This week I’m recommending some of my favorite series (other than Throne of Glass, The Mortal Instruments, and The Infernal Devices, because almost everyone has read those). πŸ™‚

– The Goddess Test by AimΓ©e Carter β€” a modern retelling of the Persephone story. It includes three books and a novella, and although they’re fairly quick, they’re amazing! {Goodreads}

– The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer β€” a series of futuristic fairytale retellings with a bunch of awesome action and cute romance. It includes four books and a novella, and the fourth book comes out on the 10th. They’re decent-sized books, and they’re fantastic. {Goodreads}

– The Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins β€” a paranormal romance about Nephilim secretly aiming to overthrow their vicious parents, the Dukes. There’s a lot of action and an epic male lead (who has his own companion book!). {Goodreads}

All three of these are fabulous series; they’re some of my all-time favorites! If you’ve read any of these, feel free to share your (spoiler-free!)opinions in the comments. πŸ™‚

Until next time– Olivia πŸ’› (myΒ Twitter)

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