Carry On — Review

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
Genre: YA high fantasy
Pages: 522

carry on review

I loved Fangirl, so when I heard that Simon and Baz were getting their own book, I was really excited. Carry On was everything I hoped for. There was an amazing magickal world, an awesome array of characters, and a lot of humor and cute scenes. ❤️

The world Rainbow created was epic. It was developed and executed brilliantly. The sort of world she made in one book is just as good as other authors have done throughout a series (with a few exceptions). And I also thought the spells were really fun and unique. Not to mention, some of them were very amusing.

I really liked Simon and Baz on their own (they were kind of funny as enemies), but together they’re ten times better. At first, Simon is only helping Baz out, but then they start to maintain an unsteady friendship, which leads to a rocky (at first) relationship. But eventually everything evens out and they’re officially the cutest gay couple I’ve ever read. 😍

I liked Penny too. She was clever, and a great friend for Simon. I was really glad that she tolerated Baz, and eventually became friends with him. I didn’t really like Agatha though; she was a good character but she just got on my nerves. ☺️

While reading, I developed two theories; one about Simon’s parents and one about the Humdrum (which is a really cool name for a villain, by the way). My theory about Simon’s parents was spot on, and I was ridiculously happy about that. But my theory about the Humdrum wasn’t as accurate. I’m totally fine with that though, because what actually happened is way better than what I predicted. 😃

Overall, Carry On was just one more fantastic book by Rainbow. Granted, this is only the second one of her books I’ve read, but I really loved it, and I know Eleanor & Park will be just as awesome… whenever I manage to read it. ☺️

Until next time– Olivia 💚 (my Twitter)

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