Fairest — Review

Fairest by Marissa Meyer
Book 3.5 in the Lunar Chronicles series
Genre: YA sci-fi
Pages: 220

fairest review

Fairest is a “bridge book” between Cress and Winter, intended to explain how Levana became the antagonist we know her to be. I think Marissa did an amazing job with this.

So much was explained; why she uses glamours, how she became the queen of Luna (in more detail than in the other books), her romance with an unwilling guard coping with a personal tragedy while raising a daughter.

Selene also plays a part in the story. Channary gives birth to her not quite halfway through (and there’s no detail, if you’re worried about that 😉), and Levana’s resentment of her grows, as does her hunger for power. She decides to kill Selene (which backfires, as you likely know), so she’s the queen rather than the regent, and so she can keep her title.

And Levana is even more twisted than I had previously thought. Although she didn’t kill Channary (which surprised me, if I’m honest), she attempted to kill her niece so she could take over the throne, and she killed the “assassin” she hired to kill the other significant person in her life. I knew she was crazy, but for some reason I didn’t expect her to be that crazy.

All in all, Fairest was a very enjoyable read. I feel a bit sympathetic for her because of what Channary did to her, and although I don’t think that’s an excuse for her actions by far, I like knowing more about her. Reading this also has me even more excited for Winter to come out (in 23 days!). 😍

*Note- You can read this before the other books, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I think it works best if you do it in publication order (Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Fairest). 😊

Until next time– Olivia ❤️ (my Twitter)

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