The Maze Runner — Book vs Movie

Hello! I finished my reread of The Maze Runner this morning and I’ve realized just how much the movie left out. I know that they couldn’t include everything because of the time restraint, but I feel like they could’ve fit in more details.

• The Cliff/Griever Hole. Alby threatens to throw/push Thomas off the Cliff a handful of times in the beginning of the story, and the Griever Hole is how they deactivate the Grievers and escape the Maze.

• Thomas’ and Teresa’s telepathy. This is a pretty big part of the story for the entire second half of the book, and yet it only appears for a moment in the movie when Thomas is going through the Changing. It remains a big deal in the other two books, so hopefully they’ll include it in The Scorch Trials movie.

• The Ending. Right before Teresa wakes up from her coma, she telepathically tells Thomas that she triggered the Ending. Then the sun disappears, the Box doesn’t bring their weekly shipment of supplies, the Doors don’t close at night, and Gally comes with the first Griever attack saying that one of them will be picked off each night until they’re all dead. None of this is shown in the movie, except the Doors staying open (which leads to Alby being taken, which is also inaccurate – he sacrifices himself when the Gladers are escaping.)

• The end. After the surviving half of the Gladers gets through the Griever Hole, they find the Creators watching them and taking notes. Gally kills Chuck (😭), then a group of anti-WICKED people break in, wreak havoc, herd the Gladers into a bus, and explain what happened to them and the world before getting to their headquarters and letting them relax. But that’s not how it went in the movie. The Gladers find the Creators dead in their lab, watch Ava Paige’s video, then are escorted onto a helicopter, see the Scorch, and the movie is over. The only thing they kept the same was Chuck dying, and that wasn’t even entirely accurate.

There are more things I could’ve listed, but these are the biggest issues I have, and I don’t want to make this super long anyway. 😁

Don’t get me wrong, I love The Maze Runner movie. I just don’t like how much was messed up/left out.

So do you agree? Feel free to let me know in the comments. 😊

Until next time– Olivia ❤️ (my Twitter)

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