Update :)

Hello! πŸ˜ƒ

I haven’t posted in about a week and that’s only because I’ve been busy in school. In the past week I reread The Lunar Chronicles, in preparation for the release of Winter on November 10th. All three books got a 5/5 stars, but I didn’t write reviews because I didn’t have the time to.

Yesterday I got Magnus Chase and The Sword of Summer, and so far I’m on chapter 13 out of 72. Yes, 72! I was so happy to find out it was so long, and I love the chapter titles. They bring back memories of Percy Jackson. ((and on that note, I’m so excited for The Hidden Oracle to come out next year!))

Also, at some point in the next two weeks, I’ll be going to one of Rainbow Rowell’s events for her Carry On tour! I’m not sure which one I’m going to, but I’m just so excited that I’ll see her (maybe meet her!!) and get a signed copy! This will be my first author event. 😍

That’s all I have for updates, but for the record I most likely won’t be reviewing my rereads any more. I might do one for The Maze Runner (which I got 5-6 chapters into then stopped because of MC) because I’ve noticed so much the movie got wrong, but otherwise I probably won’t. That means I won’t be posting reviews as often, but I’ll still be trying to get 1-3 posts per week! Some ideas I’ve had are “Top 5 Tuesday”, recommendations, and under/overhyped books. Not very unique, but I’m working on it. πŸ˜‰

Until next time– Olivia ❀️ (I don’t use my Instagram but here’s myΒ Twitter)

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