Anomaly — Review

Anomaly by Tonya Kuper
Book 1 in the Schrödinger’s Consortium series
Genre: YA sci-fi romance
Pages: 284
5 ★’s

anomaly review

I found a signed copy of this book at Barnes and Noble, which was ultimately what got me to buy it. It had been on my TBR for a few months, but I have to admit that if it wasn’t signed, I probably would’ve overlooked it. ☺️

But I’m glad I didn’t! This book was awesome. The characters were solid and unique and so was the concept.

Josie is a complete nerd, and I like that because I don’t often see that in characters. She loves Star Wars and the Avengers, and physics. She literally gets an award from the Vice President of the United States because she’s so good at physics (which is way more important than it sounds). Reid is tough and has a biker vibe (probably because he has a motorcycle), and he’s a jerk sometimes. I’ve grown to like the two of them together because they complement each other.

The concept of the Oculi was well thought-out. They have very specific powers and limitations, and I’m glad for that. A race of super-humans  that could make anything exist or disappear with no limits would be really boring and ruin the whole book. But that’s not an issue here. I also like that information about the Oculi is given consistently, but not just dumped on readers in a scene or two. That can also make for a boring book, but again, that’s not a problem.

And I just want to mention the ending. I’m not gonna spoil anything, but I was not expecting that betrayal at all! I swear my jaw dropped when I (finally) realized what was happening. And the way Josie handled it was epic! My only question is this: is *this character* dead or alive?

Overall, Anomaly was an awesome book. I loved everything about it, and I’m really excited for the sequel, Enigma, to come out fall of next year! 😄

Until next time– Olivia ❤️ (my Instagram and my Twitter)

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