Sweet Temptation — Review

Sweet Temptation by Wendy Higgins
Companion to The Sweet Trilogy
Genre: YA paranormal romance
Pages: 475
5/5 stars

sweet review

Kaidan has always been my favorite male in the Sweet Trilogy, so I was thrilled when Wendy announced that Sweet Temptation would be a book from Kai’s perspective. At first I thought it would be about Anna and Kai and their family, and while I wish there was something like that, I’m totally okay with a book about Kai. ❤️

I had really high expectations, and they were met and exceeded. I already knew what was going to happen because I’ve read the original trilogy (which isn’t necessary, though I’d recommend it 😊) but that didn’t bother me. It was so amazing! 😍

Obviously I loved Kai, but I really liked Anna too, and how he thinks of her. I just love them together! I swear I’ll be 50 and still love Kaina. Is that their ship name? Do they have a ship name? I don’t know, but if they don’t, that should be it. Team Kaina! ❤️

This book has a bit more of a mature romance, but it wasn’t bad or graphic, at least not in my opinion. Nonetheless, this book isn’t for young readers.

I thought the prologue was a great insight into what started it all, but I also thought it was so sad. He was eleven! I hate Pharzuph for doing that to his son, and all the other Dukes, for that matter. Except Belial. He’s tolerable because he cares about Anna. 😉

I also really liked the lyrics at the beginning of each chapter, although I have to admit I didn’t recognize any songs and only two or three artists/bands. I loved that some of Kai’s songs were also included. He writes so well! Did anyone else sing in your head while reading? ☺️

Okay, I could probably go on about this book forever. How much I love everything about it and all the reasons I love Kai and ship him and Anna. I don’t think it would even be very hard, because I’m being genuine when I say I adored this book, and I adore this whole series. It’s one of my all time favorites, up there with Throne of Glass, The Mortal Instruments, and Percy Jackson. Great job Wendy!!! You’re a fabulous author. ❤️

Until next time– Olivia ❤️ (my Instagram and my Twitter)

7 thoughts on “Sweet Temptation — Review

    1. I loved the trilogy so I was really excited to read this!! I love Kaidan too. He’s one of my favorite male characters, and Anna is one of my favorite females. 😀 And I’ve never heard of a ship name for them so I made one up. XD

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