Barnes & Noble Haul!

I went to Barnes & Noble today and got two books! I saw so many books I wanted and so many cool covers, and I was fangirling so much (which my sister thought was amusing). It was really hard for me to make a decision, but I ended up choosing two eventually and I’m happy with them. 😃

One of the books I got was the platinum edition of The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I’ve already read it and I own a copy, but I just adore it! Plus it has a super pretty new cover and a bonus interview with the author. I’ll be rereading this with my new copy… eventually. 😉❤️

The other book I got was Keeping The Moon by Sarah Dessen. This is the first book of hers I own, and it’ll be the first one I read as well. I’m really excited to read this because it sounds good (all of her books do though) and I felt like getting a contemporary. I only own two, and I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy and mythology, so I decided to pick up something different (although they’re still awesome). 😊

I’m very excited to read both of these! Right now my current TBR (not my overall, that has about 195), is The Blood of Olympus (which I’m about 3/4 through), Sweet Temptation, Clockwork Angel, The Outsiders, and Keeping The Moon. And I’m going back to Barnes & Noble this Friday, so 1-3 more books will be added on to that list soon. 😄

Until next time— Olivia ❤️ (my Instagram and my Twitter)

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